Logistics & Forwarding services

Our forwarding service is a business activity that intended to take care of all the activities necessary for the implementation of the
delivery and receipt of goods via land transport, sea and air which can include activities of reception, storage, sorting, packing,
measuring, weighing, completion of the clearance document ( PPJK, export, import ) document issuance fees, calculation of freight
transport and other expenses with regard to the delivery of these items as of the receipt of the goods have the right take it.

We also have supporting facility like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), by that facility we can improve our services and can satisfy the costumer
PT. ECL Logistics Indonesia know the key to a successful supply chain is a committed relationship with our customer.

Commited to above services we also help and take care our client to give best solution as a consultant in build the new project.
For arragement right documentation, custom procedures and shipment method.


Car Carrier Service

Our services are convey goods from the place where its loading/unloading until purpose in Jabodetabek area by operating
fleet car carrier. Our fleet car carrier have special facilities for car carrier service.

Flatbed Service

Our service, on carrying Iron coil, in some shapes which like steel products. Container with measure 20

til 40 feet. And also bring from Tanjung Priok to Cikarang, Jababeka, and many routes. Wich contains

container and Breakbulk. And we also provides for carry spare parts and machinery.

Shipping Service

As a freight forwarder company which serving import and export activities by the standards of the best service and very competitive prices, we are also supported by Everett Asia Line Pte Ltd and the Eastern Car Liner Ltd which is the mother company of ours. PT. ECL Logistics Indonesia is the best answer for your shipping and business needs because we had experienced since 2005.

PT. ECL Logistics Indonesia, Also provide and receiving calls for supervise of cargo for delivery of loading / unloading cargo from / to  vessel in Indonesia or outside Indonesia